The Women’s Stories

April 2017

We really like the community garden, because it is easier, as we have a well and a fence and can help each other.

March 2017

Preparing the land was a lot of work, but we worked together so we managed to do it. I look forward to harvesting the first crops from the community garden!

February 2017

I talked to my neighbours and we already have the idea to have one big garden together so that it is even easier and rewarding.

January 2017

I really enjoyed having a garden as it was very rewarding. After my first harvest I decided to grow a Papaya tree.

December 2016

I was able to grow vegetables and sell them. I have more money now, than I need to buy new seeds.

November 2016

This garden helps me cook something good for my children every day. I will continue and expand my garden.