Presidential Honor

This week I was awarded “la Médaille de l’ordre du Mérite Nationale” the highest presidential honor of Burkina Faso. This honor is an opportunity and responsibility for One Woman One Graden to reach even more women.

Community Gardens

Thanks to a very generous donation we built 10 community gardens with fences and wells. 100 women can work in each community garden. The wells are up to 200 meters deep and provide whole villages with clean water.

New Year

2017 has come to a successful end. One Woman One Garden reached almost 2,000 women. We are excited to train another 3,000 women in 2018!

Training Teachers

Baslayi Tindano, the co-director of the project, trained 60 teachers. This will enable a big rollout of the project after the rainy season.

Cooperation with Alpha

We now cooperate with the alphabetisation program in Burkina Faso by extending the project to all Alpha participants.

First Harvest

The crops in the community garden have been harvested successfully. Gardening will continue in the next dry season.

Building a Well

The well for the community garden is now finished! Women can water the crops using the well, instead of walking to the nearest public well.

Community Garden

The community garden is almost ready! The fence has been built, protecting the land and crops from animals and the land has been cleared.

New Project Model

A second project model will be used.This is the community garden, which will allow 60 women to use a 3 acre plot of land to organise their crops.

Second Group starts!

The second group starts! After the first group’s success, 80 more women are eager to start their garden in January.

First Harvest

Harvesting for the first time! The first harvest has arrived, and many women harvested courgettes, cucumbers and tomatoes.

The project starts!

The project starts! 80 women started the project successfully. They planted courgettes, onions, cucumbers, cabbage and tomatoes.